In bodybuilding, some physical and genetic characteristics make it possible to identify more or less a morphological type (ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph) and a class bodybuilder (easygainer or hardgainer). Based, it is easier for an individual to have a body of bodybuilder or not.
Caution: Note that these notions are not based on verified scientific basis. We present all the same, because they are frequently used in weight training, it can be useful to know what is going on and what most sports / books / magazines mean by these concepts of morphological types.

Description of morphological types
This chapter provides a description of three morphological types defined by Sheldon:
– Ectomorph physical skinny with fine bone;
– Endomorph: drooping shoulders, ease of gaining fat;
– Mesomorph: Physical wide with strong bones.

These morphotypes define character traits, but especially physics and metabolism. They allow you to locate physically, which helps to adapt its nutrition and strength training based on its anatomy and its capabilities.

Indeed, everyone can not and should not use the same exercises, the same weight and the same nutrition programs, because everyone is different. An exercise that can advance a mesomorph can hurt an ectomorph, while a nutrition which will lose weight an ectomorph endomorph can make you fat one!

As you see, bodybuilding, everything is very personal, and there is no program or diet valid for all. Everything must be adapted, including your body type.

Also here are two physical characteristics used to define the ease of taking mass for bodybuilders: easygainer and hardgainer. The first take muscle mass easily, quickly, without injury and without the need for a sharp nutrition. For the latter, it is essential to monitor all parameters of progression to hope muscle gains and limit injuries.

But beware, these are guidelines only, do not use excuses to explain a lack of progress in bodybuilding. Anyone can grow in strength, faster or slower, but on condition that the resistance training program (including the choice of exercises), nutrition and recovery are well managed. So if you are not progressing, correct rather these three factors before accusing your Body Type.


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