Morphotype mesomorph

mesomorph 2

The mesomorph type is energetic nature and easily takes muscle. This is the ideal physique for bodybuilding: he eats a lot without gaining fat, it absorbs big workout and it can adjust its weight easily.

The mesomorph is the physical bodybuilder par excellence, it has all the cumulative benefits of the other two morphologies without the inconvenience!
Mesomorphic physical characteristics:

– Muscular course, and stronger than average;
– Square face;
– Wide shoulders;
– Bust “V”;
– Long Members;
– Framing and solid joints (wrists and ankles thick);
– Reasonable facilities to swell or lose weight;
– Few flexible;
Character mesomorph:

– Energetic;
Mesomorph diet:

– Easy to take from the mass, or dry, depending on how it’s power supply
Mesomorphic tips:

– Can collect a large volume of heavy training to quickly take the muscle mass, but even just practicing, he will advance greatly in weight compared to an ectomorph. His strong joints allow it to lift heavy without a big risk of injury.
– Can eat everything, but restricts carbohydrates to not take too much fat;
– Must work its joint and muscle flexibility.

The mesomorph has a physical dedicated to weight gain, even naturally and without practicing bodybuilding, it is more muscular and stronger than the ectomorph. It has a thick, square frame, which allows it to quickly gain an imposing stature and great physical strength.

Halfway between the ectomorph and endomorph, he can shape his weight (win or lose) at will. It will therefore be able to easily follow up muscle mass and dried to obtain a physical powerful bodybuilder.

And thanks to these solid joints and wide frame:
– It can withstand heavy loads
– It can withstand high driving frequency
– His arms and legs are already larger than normal (due in part to its thicker bones)
– Each pound of muscle gained will make it look even more massive and more wide shoulder!

It is he who has the greatest ability to become very massive and very impressive with a good strength training.


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