Morphotype endomorph


The endomorph type is calm nature and a tendency to gain fat easily. This allows it to produce a lot of muscle mass but should monitor their diet if they do not want to spoil his physical too fat mass.

As ectomorph, endomorph’s not the most advantageous for the physical training. While the ectomorph is too thin, the endomorph is too big. These are the two extreme morphological types of Sheldon.
Endomorph physical characteristics:

– Narrow, sloping shoulders;
– Round face;
– Short limbs;
– Aspect fleshy;
– Fine Framing and narrow body
– Easy to put on fat;
Character endomorph:

– To calm nature;
Food endomorph:

– Net tend to gain fat and “belly” even eating sensibly;
Tips endomorph:

– Long Series and large volume of training to increase caloric expenditure;
– Can result in strength without any problems, but must do a parallel type of cardio workout to avoid taking bold;
– Must although watching your diet not to take fat. He will have to eat very little compared to an ectomorph.

While the ectomorph can eat everything without worry, the endomorph must monitor their diet to avoid taking too much fat. It has a good ability to produce mass (muscle or fat), this means that assimilates and uses very well all the food he eats. The dietary intake should be monitored, since too large food spreads quickly result in an increase in fat levels.

Take muscle mass easily is an asset to the weight, but it will be difficult to dry and lose excess fat, which can be a handicap, physical being “spoiled” by too much fat layer.

Nevertheless, it has the ability to have a very muscular and very massive physique.


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