Morphotype ectomorph


The ectomorph type is kind of nervous, very active, who eat a lot without gaining weight. It is best suited to endurance sports as weight training. For it will dry easily and aesthetic body if he manages to gain muscle.

The ectomorph body type is often considered the most disadvantageous for bodybuilding. A brief overview of its features:
Physical characteristics ectomorph:

– Shoulders and narrow basin;
– Rectangular Trunk;
– Triangular Face
– Long Members;
– Thin Frame or even very thin (very thin wrists and ankles);
– Low muscle mass;
– Fragile joints;

=> Attention because this type of physics is inconvenient for some exercises, went door overhang due to his long limbs. We must therefore be careful not to have too amplitude of movements like the bench press, squat, military press, …
The life of the ectomorph:

– It is usually nervous nature.
– This temperament is associated with a very active and very fast metabolism, which makes the ectomorph spends a lot of calories, even at rest;
– At the sports level, it is a lightweight rather well suited to endurance sports such as cycling or running. Unfortunately for him, the weight is not an endurance sport …
Food ectomorph:

– Eat lots but never gain weight.
Tips ectomorph:

– Must prefer a shorter workout, with basic exercises;
– Must eat a lot to gain weight, even multiply meals, and force yourself to eat;

The ectomorph is fine and thin in nature. This is also the reason why people with this body type to start weight training: they are too thin, too thin and want to counter that by weight, to give weight to their physical.

The ectomorph starts with several major handicaps for strength: he has trouble gaining weight is often very thin and fine bone that it needs to add a lot of muscle mass to appear, even though the fragile joints can hinder recovery.

Nevertheless, it has some advantages:
– Dried (fat loss) will be very easy, because it is in its “nature” to be dry;
– Share the fineness of its skeleton, each kg of muscle and more will automatically give a muscular appearance and / sporty aesthetics without seeming “big beef”;

The ectomorph is therefore unlikely to become a big bodybuilder, but may obtain a dry physical, muscular and very aesthetic.


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