The hardgainer has low resilience, fragile joints and a low initial strength. He can not train a lot and its progress will be only minimal. The ectomorph hardgainer are generally kind, although this is not always the case.

As the name suggests, the hardgainer is a person who is struggling to grow, to gain ground, even with the best strength training program and excellent nutrition. It is the opposite of easygainer. Here are some possible reasons for its difficulties:

– Low resilience: it must train infrequently with relatively short sessions or risk overtraining;

– Fragile joints prone to injury, supporting neither too heavy nor too high a weight training frequency. Because of injuries, he is often forced to stop training for several weeks or even several months, for the whole body or to a specific muscle. The choice of exercises in your fitness program is also very important. If for example you have a short torso and long legs, avoid the squat because it overhangs will be too great for your back. Developed can also cause injury (if you have long arms and narrow shoulders) …

– Delicate nervous system, flat nervously for several days after an intense workout, the hardgainer must be careful not to tire her nervous system during training (not too heavy work), or space her fitness workouts;

– Very low starting strength, it takes several months to reach the weight with which work began to cause easy-gainer;

– Low nutrient absorption, it can eat a lot without gaining weight. The hardgainer needs to eat more, sometimes a large dose of protein to finally succeed in taking the weight and mass.

As seen, the hardgainer has a capacity for work and reduced recovery, combined with a low propensity to take ground. It can not therefore lead to often (or he must adapt his training sessions being shorter and less intense) and must allow time for the body to recover. This is clearly not the best type to do weight training, as progress will be slower and sometimes with injuries that will slow even more progress.

Generally it is the ectomorph type of people who are hardgainer. They therefore combine a naturally thin and fragile body many difficulties to take from the masses. Suffice to say that for them to get big is going to be very very long.

But beware, it’s not impossible, just harder!


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