The easygainer is tough, durable and solid. This is the best type for bodybuilding. It can bind many large workouts and thus grow faster than others. Mesomorphic are generally of easygainer the ectomorph.
The name is clear and describes very well what kind of physics: the easygainer has the best type for bodybuilding, revenues increased muscle mass fast, continuous and with less effort:
– Large capacity for recovery, can often lead without risk of overtraining;
– Very strong and durable, so can train a lot and with a large volume and / or many intensification techniques;
– Framing and solid joints allowing it to avoid injury, which is essential to progress continuously over the long term;
– Good nervous system that can quickly recover from nervous fatigue, even during heavy work;
– High starting strength that allows him to start training with weights that some take several years to achieve;
– Good food assimilation and secure mounting of protein in muscles. The easygainer does not need to have a very strict diet to successfully move forward.
A easygainer bodybuildeur will be able to train often with long and intense sessions without risk of injury. The weight gain is going to be affected and of course be proportional to such training.
Mesomorphic endomorph and generally tend to be the type easygainer, but this is not the case for everyone. Although this is much rarer, some ectomorph can sometimes be easygainer, allowing them to obtain a very aesthetic physics because muscular but with a size and fine joints.
Note that easygainer often have difficulty understanding why others do not progress as much as they are and not as often entail. He is their very easy to treat them lazy, while on the contrary, it is they (the easygainers) that have the easier to gain muscle mass, even while training anyhow, so that ultimately the least “merit”.
One easily recognizes in sports halls, because it is enough to push easygainers coming few bars without even knowing what muscles they work, and without knowing anything about nutrition, for still better physical and forced some hardgainers fully optimize all parameters.
As you can see, some just push the bars and pull cable to gain muscle, for others it’s a bit more complicated!


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