As genetic, morphotype can not be changed. However, certain physical characteristics can be modified. Therefore, the morphotype should not be an excuse for weak growth in bodybuilding.

We have seen in this case that the morphotype and hard easygainer type and are genetically determined.

Consequently, it is impossible to change its morphotype, whatever you do. It is possible to change against some of our physical characteristics due to body habitus. As weight, body fat or muscle mass. All this obviously requires a good knowledge of his body, which adapts strength training and nutrition for optimal progress.

A endormorphe with a high rate of fat, can dry and become even drier. It will then have more fat levels characteristic of endormorphes but its metabolism is always slow and taking fat still fast. It may therefore be closer to the level of a dry ectomorph but will never have the slender silhouette of ectomorph because it will not change the appearance of the frame, heavier and more clumsy than an ectomorph.

By cons, once dry, it will be forced to make significant efforts and follow a strict diet if he wants to keep a low fat content.

It is therefore possible to greatly improve the physical which nature has endowed us, though some features will never change. It is therefore not hide behind the morphological type to justify non progression in bodybuilding. This can slow it down, but if you do not progress, and whatever the morphological type is that your workout / diet / recovery are not good. Morphotype should not serve as an excuse for the fact that your diet is not at the point where your drive is not suitable.

Whatever your body type and your easiness to gain muscle if the triptych bodybuilding program / nutrition / retrieval are correct, you will progress. If you do not progress, correct these items instead of accusing your Body Type.

Last, remember that we will never belong to one morphological type, but rather a mixture of several features articulated around a main morphotype.


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