How Hypnosis Can Help You Gain Weight


Being skinny and underweight can be really frustrating for those who really need to gain weight but just cannot do so.

In a society where so many people suffer from obesity and the perils of being overweight, all too little attention is given to those with the reverse problem. Yet being and feeling underweight and skinny can negatively impact not only on the individual’s health, but also on their self esteem and confidence.

Hard gainers very often believe that it’s their metabolism that’s too speedy and that they simply burn up everything they eat or that they just don’t manage to digest and absorb everything.

But — with the exception of certain underlying medical conditions — this is just not the case.

The real reason why a person is underweight is because he or she is just not taking in sufficient calories. ‘Hard gainers’ simply eat less than they need in order to increase weight.

Those who struggle with being underweight very often believe that they already eat a lot of food. But this is just not so. After all, the belief that you eat a lot of food is not the same thing as actually eating sufficient food for you to gain weight.

The simple fact is that metabolism and genetics really have little to do with healthy weight gain. Of course, there are obviously different body types, with the ectomorphic type usually identified as the one most naturally slim. But a person does not have to be genetically gifted or be highly athletic in order to gain weight in a healthy manner.

Of course, the ability to simply unwind and relax on a regular basis is crucial. The person who finds it hard to gain weight really needs to slow down and conserve energy.

What really matters when it comes to putting on weight are the psychological factors. And this includes not only the psychological approach to food and nutrition, but also the individual’s personal perception of their body and of their potential.

If the subconscious mind is firmly convinced that the person is underweight, that he or she is skinny no matter what, then it will do whatever it can to ensure that this is the case.

The image that our own subconscious mind holds of ourselves and of our body image is what really determines our weight.

With the help of modern advanced hypnosis techniques it is possible to reach deep within the subconscious mind and change the self-image from that of a skinny underweight runt to that of a person with normal, healthy weight.

Once the internalized body image has been adjusted in a positive way, then the subconscious mind does its very best to ensure that that internalized image becomes a reality.

If you or someone you care about suffers from being underweight then do not despair.

With modern advanced hypnosis even the hardest gainer can put on the weight necessary to be truly healthy and feel really good about his or her body.


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