Bodybuilding: a lifestyle

bodybuilding lifestyle 3

Because it must be understood that your results will be based on your weight involvement and to follow up on our previous article on the definition of bodybuilding according azbody, here are the essential elements to be implemented to achieve significant gains in muscle mass .

The training, priority anabolic factor!

On this point there is no secret. This is the training with additional loads which will induce the first muscle growth factor.

The purpose of your sessions is to undergo a stress to your body, which in response will progress to the next similar situation, so the next workout easier and less stressful.

Indeed, the body is lazy and his goal is always to produce the least amount of effort to deal with the situations they encounter. This is our physiological spent in prehistoric times when we were still hunter-gatherers men who had to fight hard to survive periods of famine when food was scarce, that explains it. In such circumstances, the body had to be saved at all costs not to be at risk.

Our modern lifestyle is very new on the scale of human evolution, our body still has in its genes this mode, although today we are far from being in lack of food or face situations physical long and difficult as in the past. By the way, avoid wasting thinking of the billions of people who still do not have that chance now.

To conclude: drive = muscle destruction is going to rebuild a little easier to deal at the next meeting. Sessions that will be increasingly hard to sustain this intense state of anabolism (anabolism = construction) muscle.

Nutrition, the ultimate weapon

You can read it here and there and hear very often in the halls: “Nutrition is 70% of the results” or other urban legends ilk!
Stop to popular belief unfounded (I can already hear screaming like a lie because Mr. Olympia champion said … but he did not mention that he was also taking doping products!). What to primarily understand is that no parameters alone can bring you the desired results.
Nutrition is important, as it will maximize efforts to the room. The drive destroys muscle, which rebuilt during rest with food, which represents the building blocks.
The main principles of nutrition are:

Eat more than his needs when we want to take the muscle.
Split meals, lost as weight gain, for better management of blood glucose (sugar in the blood, which must except in certain specific cases such as after training remain stable). 3 meals plus 2 snacks (mid-morning and after training) are a good start.
Improve the distribution of different macro-nutrients are proteins (meat, fish, dairy), carbohydrates, also called sugars (cereal, fruit, a little in vegetables, soft drinks, fruit juices), lipids (oil, butter , sausages).
Limit processed foods in favor of foods not cooked bases: one is never better served than by yourself, cook your food up instead of using ready-cooked meals.
It must however be kept simple so as not to take the lead. What matters is to have a guideline, easy to follow and fun to persist over time.
Changes in your food hygiene, diet, as they say, must be brought gradually. It is useless to try to change everything overnight to finally crack a few weeks. You do not like fruit, there will be at least one well that you can integrate. You have the bad habit of not breakfast, start with a juice glass or single cereal bar.
Always keep in mind the pleasure; pleasure of eating healthy for her physical appearance as his health.
One last thing about nutrition, you can not gain weight … eat more. After a month still no increase on the scale … again increase the quantities! It’s the same the other way, to lose weight you need to reduce its food intake.

Rest, forgotten weapon

It is easy to realize a drive or a skipped meal or poorly done, but much less obvious to realize a non-optimal recovery. Yet it was a friend who only wishes you well!

Few hours of sleep in less here and there, daily stress without phase calm, a multitude of leisure activities such as professional not letting a minute to themselves etc … the list goes on and reasons abound for neglecting its recovery.

However, as you will take the time to reflect and develop a nutrition strategy and training program, it is important to develop options and protocols to properly recover and give the body rest phases so he can rebuild.

The key word I think is to TAKE HIS TIME. And it’s nothing to say today. Taking the time to get a good night of 8 hours, take an hour for its meal of the day, take a 15-20 minute nap, give yourself an hour to his training without being in the speed, to relax listening the music lying on the sofa … You should know what you will, and to adapt his life to what we hold most deeply to heart. Watching nonsense on TV three hours every night does probably not one of your priorities, then imagine what you can do with those 3 hours more in your planning; provided a good movie or a favorite show will bring you real well-being.

I often hear “yes, but I do not have time” or “I would love to, but I can not,” etc … stop !! When one wants to can, you just have to give time. Nobody can do anything for you in this area, it is for you to act. The race against time is lost in advance, learn to live with, not against the time, I would even say for time.

Refocus on the essential. Like I said for nutrition, do not try to change everything at once, but incorporate recovery phases as. Recovery that must be physically and psychologically. Learn to do nothing, it’s good for morale and body!

Supplementation, attention to advertising trap

Here I will not spread myself as a future article complement those already present in the material on the site.
First, notice the difference between supplement, which by definition therefore prevents full deficiencies, and supplement, in addition.

For possible deficiencies, the only solution is medicine and blood tests. What good conscientiously take his little capsule of B vitamins if your diet covers your needs, whether they be increased by physical activity weight training, and there is no shortage.

Start by improving your solid food before wanting to go to food supplements. Do not be fooled by manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements, the sole purpose of this industry and like any industry is to make profit.

Supplements are not hazardous to health or magic. Beware always cry latest news, they are often there to motivate you to buy more and more and more. Nothing better than basic: good whey protein (CFM isolate without sweeteners, for example), the base of Creatine Creapure certified for purity, amino acids, led BCAAs.

Think benefit / cost. A good piece of quality meat, fruit chilled are far more secure values as the latest “Super Mega Ultra Giga Mass Pump Reaction Enzimateur Thing Thing Owl” promising you weight, hair, volume, congestion, muscle explosion and I ‘ on. If this were the case, the Apollos would legion in our rooms …

The conclusion

It must not be thought that this factor will be X percent of the results and another a little more or a little less, but each parameter must be operated at 100% for who wants to give the best chance of achieving its objective. See each factor as a stone participating in the construction of the building, and know that any missing stone weaken the foundations will see the building collapse.

Training + Nutrition + Rest and Recovery + possibly Supplements = Route to Success !!

To each his own plot, always for the sake of pleasure and report investment / return. What good is there to rot for the body of their dreams if only benefits over anything, but why spend hours and hours in the room for no result. Do not cheat with yourself and put cards on the table. A pinch of each food is better than much of one for a balanced recipe, you now have all the ingredients you use.


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