Natural Bodybuilding Advice, No Sleep, No Gain

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It’s easy to go to the gym a few times a week and then assume you will just sit back and watch your muscles grow. But there are many other factors involved besides just physically working out and targeting your muscles through weight training. One of the most overlooked elements involved is that you need to rest properly- not just between workouts, but actually get a good night’s rest at the end of the day. Changing around your sleep schedule so you get a solid and consistent night of rest, every night, can lead to big changes in the results you see from your bodybuilding program.

Why is sleep so important for bodybuilding?

There are actually several reasons why sleep is so important to be successful at bodybuilding. For starters, your body recovers and rebuilds muscle while you are asleep. This is the crucial time when other parts of your body are shut down and not consuming energy or internal resources that your body uses to repair damages from bodybuilding. Without enough of this quality rest, simply put, your body won’t have enough time or availability to repair old muscle and build new muscle. You will be severely inhibiting your gains by not allowing your muscles to heal, mend and grow properly.

Another reason that sleep is so important for bodybuilding is that a lack of sleep can cause you to have a lack of focus and a lack of physical energy. A lack of mental focus can destroy your results while you’re in the gym. You can have the best intentions in the world, but if you get in the gym and you can’t visualize the exercises you are going to do and you can’t focus on moving from one to the next, you aren’t going to get a great workout.

Then at the same time, you may not even have the physical energy or motivation required to get a good weightlifting session in to begin with. There’s only so much your body can handle over the course of a day with a tiny amount of sleep. And after, work, school, family commitments and anything else you may be dealing with, working out to your full potential is often what remains undone.

Finally, the unseen reason why sleep is so important for great bodybuilding results is that sleeping restores and maintains a natural rhythm with your body’s hormones. Sleeping releases some hormones into your bloodstream that are essential forproper metabolism and muscle gain. At the same time, sleep also inhibits other hormones that can lead to fat gain and other unseemly consequences.

So how much sleep should I be getting?

No matter what you want to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. So that means that sleeping for 2 hours on Friday night and then sleeping for 12 hours on Saturday night doesn’t amount to the same benefits as sleeping 7 hours both nights in a row. And that’s what you should shoot for, at least 7 hours a night. Remember, no sleep leads to no gains for bodybuilding, and you’ll be ruining your chances at success before you even get started!


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