Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0


We all know that gaining lean muscle is the key to a perfect body and there is a huge amount of information on how to build up lean muscle. In fact, there’s a bewildering amount of conflicting information in magazines, online and from fitness pros and personal trainers. Is it possible to find a workout program that’s right for you in a simple and easy to access format?

The answer is a very definite ‘yes’. TV personality and fitness professional Jason Ferruggia has brought out a downloadable Muscle Gaining Secrets PDF. However, does he really know what he’s talking about? Is it just more of the same old hat you’ll see in every fitness magazine or does it contain something new? Let’s take a look.

Old Hat vs The New ApproachMuscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

Old hat method: train to the point of failure and allow for lots of recovery time between workouts. Expect to hurt. ‘No pain no gain’ doesn’t just apply to the workout but to all the phases in between. If you aren’t actually suffering, you probably haven’t worked out enough and you won’t gain muscle.

What does Jay have to say? This is probably the point where gym-hardened veterans will raise their eyebrows, but Ferruggia’s approach is to train more frequently and strain the muscles less at each workout. Can it really work? Doesn’t one have to push oneself to the limit and beyond or is Jason right about making use of an easier approach?

Here’s the theory. The Muscle Gaining Secrets workouts are designed to reduce the amount of stress on your body allowing for quicker recovery time. That means that you get to work out more often and build more muscle. It also means that you will be taking a healthier approach to your bulking program resulting in fewer injuries and strains.


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